Comparison of core power and muscle milk

For the body builder and athletes, the protein shake is a popular choice. Normally, we can’t fulfill our nutritional needs from the food we regular take. So, the deficiency should be met with the nutritional drinks like protein shakes and supplements. We get protein from different sources from our foods. Some basic sources of protein are meat, fish, beans, cheese, and some dairy products. But sometimes these are not enough and can’t meet your protein needs of the body. When it is impossible to consume the necessary protein from your diet, you should go for different supplements.

I felt the necessity of taking protein supplements a few years back when I visited a doctor for the checkup of my diet list. After visiting the doctor, I have come to know that I was in lack of protein consumption for a long time while I thought the protein intake was enough for me. I wanted to build muscle, so I had to do a lot of workouts. For these reasons, I also need to take proper diet, and my diet includes a high protein intake. When I realized it is impossible for me to get the necessary protein through regular foods, I switched to the protein shake.

One of the popular supplements for meeting up the protein need is a protein shake. Two popular protein shakes are core power and muscle milk. In this article, I am going to provide a detailed comparison between these two drinks

1) Taste

As you will have two options to choose from, you will definitely go for one which tastes good. The core power is made from the natural ingredients. You will not find out any artificial flavors on the core power. As it is made from all natural ingredients and the shake is not also found in powder form, it will be thicker than the other powdered shake.

On the contrary, muscle milk is made from artificial ingredients. You will find out different flavors of the muscle milk. These flavors are made from artificial ingredients. The preservatives and artificial formula make the shake thick and consistent. Some reported having the bloated feeling after consuming this protein shake

2) The making procedur

The core power is a product of Fairlife who owns a milk farm and have their own cows. Fairlife is renowned for providing high-quality products to the customers. Their cows are grown up in a healthy environment so that they can give quality milk for core power product range.

On the other hand, muscle milk is a product of CytoSport which is highly processed and artificial flavored.

So, according to the comparison, it is safe to have the core power. For more information about these shakes, you can check out the website of Home Fitness Arena.